Dating Online – Why Does Free Dating Online Fail More Often Then Not

The internet has taken the world by storm over the last decade and a half. One of its most controversial moves was when it created the world of internet dating. Movies have been made on the dangers of meeting people online. Detective shows seem to feature at least one episode a season that deals with internet dating or meeting people on the internet. Hollywood rarely shows what happens when people who met online, marry and live happily ever after. This is because it rarely happens (when you consider the number of couples who meet online) and it is not a very interesting story to most people. Why does free online dating fail more often then not?

Free online dating often fails because there are very few systems in place to verify that people are who they say they are. That means a 50 year old couch potato can build a profile and say that they are a 24 hot college graduate. A man can even build a profile to say that he is a woman. How can a person be sure of who they are meeting online?

Luckily it is sometimes easy to pick out a fake profile, if you are cautious when you first start chatting or emailing the person. For example, a 50 year old should’ve lived through historic events that a 24 year old only learned about in school. If you start question them on some historic event and their responses seem to come from experience instead of a history book then it should raise a red flag. You just have to look closely at their responses, even look closely at their spelling and grammar. A college graduate should be able to spell their words correctly and use the correct form of a word, such as their instead of there. There is usually a level of trust when you first start out in a relationship but with free online dating you have to build that trust must slower.

Free online dating also fails because people use the dating sites to run scams. Unfortunately the internet makes it really easy for people to pull scams on other people and to steal their identity. There are people like this in every culture and they can be either male or female. Before there was the internet these people had to work a bit harder to run their scams but they did it. The blame for these kinds of people often gets placed on the internet but in truth it is the people that are bad, not the internet. So how does someone keep their private information safe and not get carried away by a scam?

The way to protect yourself in a free online dating situation is to think about dating a little differently. Instead of trusting a person right from the start and waiting for them to break your trust, you have to hold back. You don’t even have to use your real name at the start. You should just be honest and let them know that until you feel safe, you will be using a fake name. A decent person will understand and not get mad because they understand the risks of meeting people online. Getting to know someone online or dating online means using chats, emails, and video chats to talk. There is no need for someone to have your phone number, address, or even your last name. If you set a special dating email before you create your profile, you can make sure that your email profile also uses your fake name and doesn’t offer too much personal information. These are just steps to protect yourself so that you know you can trust the person before you start handing out your personal information.

You are not just a victim in a free online dating site like the movies and TV shows portray. You have choices and things that you can do to protect yourself. Even so, if it is marriage that you are looking for then a free online dating site probably isn’t the right choice for you. If you are looking for marriage then you should look to a matchmaking service. Matchmakers are trained in bringing people together who are compatible on deeper levels. You don’t have to worry about safety issues because an actually person is helping you from the matchmaking company. They don’t people who run scams or who are just looking for dates because their business depends on people getting married. But if you aren’t ready for the marriage leap just yet then free online dates sites are a perfectly acceptable choice, just be safe and have fun.